Health & Safety Policy

Committed to providing a healthy and safe work place as indicated by acceptable industry practices and compliance with legislative requirements. We strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazard which may result in illness, injury, fire and damage to goods equipment and property.

Our accident control policy is based on the belief that we have an obligation to make every effort to protect the health and safety of our employees, and that each worker is entitled and expected to suggest ways to improve conditions and efficient methods.

Each person has the responsibility to achieve and maintain the safest possible work environment. We’re committed to the protection from accidental loss to employees and property. We’ll make every effort to achieve these objectives. This is the framework against which guidelines will be developed and implemented for each project.

Battista Paving employees and subcontractors:
  • Are up-dated annually in all aspects of WHMIS relating to products and materials used on our site
  • Have basic training in First Aid and CPR
  • Have attended courses in safety awareness for underground electrical workers presented by EUSA
  • Are updated monthly about requirements under Health & Safety Policy
  • Are made well aware of the Toronto Hydro Zero Tolerance Policy